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Let’s Talk About It-Final Fantasy XV

So the Final Fantasy Uncovered event happened last Wednesday, and it was amazing. I watched it from my living room while shouting indecipherable nonsense and cried at every announcement before yelling when the stream would occasionally crash.

So we started this event off with the “Reclaim Your Throne” trailer, which that was amazing. We got to see Titan in the trailer. We saw dramatic cutscenes, dope action, a newer gameplay system (more on the gameplay later), and heard King Regis’ voice.

Random tangent: I preferred the way King Regis looked before the Dawn trailer (so the E3 2013 trailer and before).

Anyways, at the beginning of this trailer you get the premise of this story. Your job as the main character, Noctis, is to reclaim the throne and bring prosperity to back to the Kingdom of Lucis. I wonder how a seemingly not that earth shattering problem will turn into our characters facing a boss trying to destroy the world.


So we have the premise, but then about a minute and ten seconds into the trailer, we receive a song to accompany the game. Much as how FFXIII had Leona Lewis sing “My Hands”, FFXV has Florence Welch, of Florence and the Machine, sing “Stand By Me”. I was watching the Uncovered event through Square Enix’s Youtube stream, so as the song was happening I saw a thread of comments. And as Final Fantasy fans and “fans” are wont to do, they complained about the song. It doesn’t fit the trailer. I’ve watched this trailer eight times. I’m fine with the song. I’m fine with its use for the trailer. It’s more than a song, it’s presenting the theme. As with the accompanying anime Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV, the full  game itself is about friendship and backing each other up. “Stand By Me” completely works for the trailer and if it’s the game’s theme song that’s fine too. The game is about Noctis and his crew having each other’s backs and supporting each other. Though the party is four bros, it’s fine.My hope in this game is that it will not only have masculine bravado, but also challenge masculinity at an emotional level–that there will be times of emotional sensitivity and the party members will have to care for each other and make it all work. It’ll be more than just the action scenes, you’ll see some bonding. If I were a wise or unwise (I really don’t know) writer this would lead to a platform about how more games need to invest in the non bravado side of masculinity in order to add a culture in gaming for guys so that maybe a few gamers won’t be all…You know what? Forget that. It’s a point for another day.


Anyways… another good part of this Uncovered event was the release of the Platinum Demo. Square Enix hadn’t announced what time they’d release the demo, so after the Uncovered event ended, I spent time waiting in the Playstation Store. Then it was released. I had already played Episode Duscae so I was ready…or so I thought. The gameplay had kinda changed. It was simplified. The weapon switching happened with the D-Pad rather than being set up in a combo. I wasn’t used to it. Aiming magic was difficult because I have terrible depth perception (it’s not the game’s fault). Some players might find it difficult to use a spell on a moving target, but I think they’ll get used to it. Though the gameplay had changed, I still liked it. It was a fun demo, and after struggling with the final boss in my first run through, I got better after a time of adjusting to the gameplay. The only concern is that due to the spike in difficulty from playing with young Noctis to facing the final boss, some people might not want to play the game or will complain about the gameplay because they weren’t used to it. I mean…I get it. This demo let you breeze through young Noctis levels with training wheels, and then before you fully learned to ride your bike, they pushed you down a hill with only slight jerking emergency brakes. But the gameplay was fun, and if people get accustomed to it, they’ll have fun too.

So let’s all sit in our seats and wait for September 30th when this game will release and deal with this lovely anticipation, but luckily for me Star Ocean 5 comes out on June 28th.

Here’s some music for your wait.


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