Opinions-Justice League vs. Teen Titans

So I was doing my usual Youtube browsing whilst procrastinating, and I found out that DC came out with another animated movie, Justice League vs. Teen Titans. I thought it would be cool. It featured Damian Wayne’s iteration of Robin–I for some reason really like Damian Wayne as Robin–so I decided to watch. I think it’ll be best to talk about my opinion on the plot and this version of the Teen Titans. I’ll probably even delve into the voice acting.


Sometimes movies try to do too much, which is why I prefer TV series to movies. With a TV series we can branch episodes together and while having a major story arc, we can make pauses dedicated to individual characters and establish setting and etc etc. With this, I’ll say that the plot kind of plays like Teen Titans animated series’ Trigon Arc. This movie makes the Trigon Arc cooler by having Trigon possess the Justice League.


What I liked about the plot is that it balances development for Damian (making him more of a team player), and it also gives way for some background on Raven. Which that’s cool. In a world where I have to usually question who’s story the plot actually belongs to, I would say that the plot is co-opted by these two characters. The Justice League is really just placed in there as a means to give the Teen Titans an overwhelming challenge that forces them to both work better as a team, and see Damian as more than an individualistic rebel brat. The problem I had deals with my earlier comparison between TV and movies. The plot seems rushed. In order to show Damian warming up to the team, there’s a carnival scene, and as fun as that is, time at a carnival isn’t really enough for there to be a true budding of friendship and rework all of the trauma Damian has been through. Also I felt as though the rest of the Teen Titan cast was cast to the side. With the exception of Starfire trying to figure out what to do for fun, there isn’t much of her. Blue Beetle and Beastboy, both really cool characters, don’t get much attention. It made me sad that there wasn’t much of a balance, but who knows? Maybe we’ll get a Ravager or Deathstroke vs Teen Titans movie (featuring this Teen Titans cast) and we’ll get more screen time for other characters. Also there was a thread for the New 52 Superman and Wonderwoman coupling, which I get it. It’s what New 52 wanted, but I disagree with. I actually yelled, “I disagree with this movie!”,  every time the movie showed that coupling.


Teen Titans

I’ve seen multiple, kind of pseudo, versions of the Teen Titans: Teen Titans (RIP), Young Justice (RIP until Netflix hopefully picks you up for season three), and Teen Titans GO! (ugh), I see the movie’s version of Teen Titans as a mix between Teen Titans the series and Young Justice. I enjoyed the inclusion of Blue Beetle which probably only happened because of New 52’s Cyborg being in the Justice League. Having Starfire as the leader was pretty cool too. I saw Beastboy as an under utilized comic relief, and Blue Beetle kind of played the same role for this movie (with the exception of the Damian vs Blue Beetle fight scene). Raven played the same role that she did in the TV show, but she was less gloom and doom in this version. Though I have to question if the Teen Titans should have been bigger, should it have incorporated more members like Young Justice? This would lead to a more interesting dynamic for members getting used to Damian. Though it isn’t necessary, it would have just been more interesting for me.

Voice Acting

As for the voice acting…I mean…it wasn’t that great. Though really my only two issues were Damian and Raven. Damian, though he’s supposed to be a younger character, played out more like a nine year old with a large vocabulary, and the naïveté in his voice took away all of the attitude problems or smart assery that could have been conveyed in his character.


As for Raven…I realize that the character is stoic, but this played out more monotone, and there can be vocal inflections while being stoic. It also seemed like the voice actress for Raven was nervous because her words were just shot out of her mouth. Other than that, I was fine with the movie.


Go and watch Justice League vs. Teen Titans, it’ll be a fun time. You might enjoy the comedy, you might find it to be childish, but you’ll enjoy the spirit of it. It’s out on Blu-ray and DVD now.


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