Guide to Dragon Ball Super

Okay. So some of you might know that Dragon Ball Super has been out for a while, but now, now is the time for people to be watching. There have been complaints about this show–I’ve seen it from the internet and heard it from friends and random drunk party-goers. There are complaints about the animation and how it’s lower quality. There’s complaints about how the show isn’t too serious. There are complaints that it’s not like Dragon Ball Z. There are complaints about the use of Vegeta in this series (you’ll never know the love someone has for a character until you hear a drunken rant). And then there are complaints that Super is too much like Dragon Ball Z. Really all I’ve learned from these complaints are that fanboys and “fanboys” complain about anything as they are wont to do. And though there are valid complaints about Dragon Ball Super, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t reasons you should watch the show. It’s pretty dope.


First off, if you’ve watched the movie Battle of the Gods, you can just skip the first fourteen episodes. They’re not that important and just rehash the movie with lower quality animation. Nothing really changes and the end result stays the same.


As for the second arc, which is pretty much a rehash of Resurrection F, you can watch it or skip it. The ending in the anime kind of changes and Vegeta fans will appreciate it. It also gives a bit more insight into Gohan’s and Krillin’s development. I enjoyed this arc, though some harder-core fans might not have.


Now with the newest arc that pits Universe 6 vs Universe 7 (yes there’s a multiverse, but we always knew that DBZ had a multiverse…we’re looking at you Future Trunks) we get to explore the multiverse. We have larger scale dragon balls that can grant wishes that Gods would even desire, tougher people who can compete with Goku and Vegeta, a tournament (as usual), an alternate saiyan, and more experimentation at power ups. Spoiler: In episode 39, Goku uses Kaioken with Super Saiyan Blue, and it’s awesome. More things are being explored, we get a wider array of characters, and a villain might be coming up, and the animation is getting better. At this point of the Dragon Ball Super series, we’re building up to where fans would want to watch Dragon Ball Super.

Now, with that being said, here are some hopes for Dragon Ball Super’s future.

1) As much as I enjoy the development of Goku and Vegeta’s powers and characters, I want to see more of the cast, by that I mean Goten, Gohan, and Trunks. In episode 37, Vegeta has a touching moment with Universe 6’s saiyan, Cabba. While the moment was touching, I wish that Vegeta would have more of these moments with Trunks. I want Gohan to develop, and there’s a good chance that he’ll get a power up soon since Gohan was talking about training again. I wish that Goten and Trunks would train up too, because I mean, you have five saiyans (well now six), you might as well use them all. Also with Gohan and Goten, more training or at least screen time would give the audience more time to see their relationship both between each other and with their father.

2) I like Cabba. He’s a small thin saiyan. I want more of him.

3) I want to see other universes. We see fighters from other universes, but we haven’t really experienced Universe 6, yet. I want the saiyans to see Sadla (original home of the saiyans, not yet destroyed in Universe 6)–Vegeta mentions wanting to see it. Let’s make it happen.

4) More techniques. I understand that at this point a lot of fighting is just power levels and who’s stronger, but I wanna see different fighting styles, and Super is actually showing a difference amongst fighting styles before then getting to a punching contest. One fighter from Universe 6 is all about attacking people’s pressure points. It’s all pretty  cool.

5) I don’t know how, but I want to see even stronger enemies. Maybe there are more Gods than the Gods of Destruction. I want to see our characters go and face some more.

6) Also I want a time skip, I know that that’s a bit too much to ask for, but I just want Goten and Trunks to stop being so small, I mean I get that Goku was small at their age, but Gohan wasn’t and that’s all I want. I’m just tired of them looking like they’re seven.


As for people who don’t enjoy the humor of Dragon Ball Super, get over it. The humor of it all is what Akira Toriyama likes and if he wants to include humor, allow it. The humor was in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, but our nostalgia blocks it all out with the epic moments. But overall, this show is shaping up to become the show that you guys loved as children.



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