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Reasons You Should Watch-Scrotal Recall


It was a boring day in April 2015. I had the choice of going to class or staying home, and graduation was closing near, so of course I made the senior-itis decision. As I browsed through Netflix on my PS4, I saw that there was a new show being promoted. It was called “Scrotal Recall”. At first I though that that was a really dumb title for a show, but I gave it a chance. With a title like “Scrotal Recall”, there had to be plenty of humor or  maybe the show wouldn’t take itself seriously. Boy was I wrong-ish. It had humor and kept me laughing, but it took itself seriously. It just has a horrible title. Here are some reasons to watch the show:

It’s hilarious. The jokes are more overt in this show, but they work. They’ll incite giddiness on you, even on your worst day. The rapport between Dylan, Evie, and Luke is wonderful.


This show hurts you in a good way. Since there’s such a good rapport between our main characters, we feel pain when certain events happen, and even more so when we learn their lost chances at happiness. I would give an example of an episode where there’s emotional discord, but every episode makes you invested, but Series 1 Episode 6 hurts the most.


Fleshed out characters. This show, at times, relies on tropes for the surface level of their characters. Example: Luke is the lovable ladies man, but underneath that surface level there’s a lot of character. He’s a person who has a life. He has desires. He has actually loved a woman, he has a complex relationship with Dylan. His friendship with Dylan isn’t entirely buddy buddy there are frustrations underneath. And at the end of Series 1, he kind of makes an MVP move. Also watch Series 1 Episode 3 if you wanna have fun Luke.


It’s expanded cast. The rest of the characters make good support. They’re all a hoot, and make impacts for each episode. An episode you might enjoy for the sake of side characters would be Series 1 Episode 4 (you might be wondering why I keep referring to Series 1, but that’s because there’s only 1 series at the moment).

It’s really binge-able. First off the series so far is only six episodes long. Second I’ve binged Series 1 seven times, but then again, I’m in love with this show.

I guess the last reason you should watch is because Netflix chose to take it from Channel 4 (UK TV) and make it a Netflix Original. On March 23rd this year, Netflix commissioned for a Series 2–without having Channel 4 involved. I mean…Netflix likes the show enough to take it, make it theirs, and keep it, so it’s quality watching.

So go. Stop reading this. Watch the show. You’ll enjoy it. If you haven’t guessed by the amount of times I mentioned Netflix, you can watch the show on Netflix.




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