Opinions: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Beta

It was Sunday! I woke up! I was sick (I’m still sick)! All I wanted to do when I  woke up was to play the beta to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Pumped was not the word. I had enjoyed Xenoverse 1, but after seeing the features and new skills you could do in Xenoverse 2, I knew I needed a taste of that power. So I go and I download the beta. It was six gigs, so it took my PS4 like fourteen minutes to get the beta downloaded, and then less than a minute to install it. I’m like, “Boom! Time to play the game!”, I’m excited, I can hardly contain myself. I get to the intro for the game:

I start to create my character. It’s a saiyan. He has a ponytail—not gonna lie, the hairstyles make me sad. I don’t like creating beefy muscle characters, so he’s as lean as he can be (all I want are Universe 6 saiyans. They’re very scrawny). In reality, I should have just made a Frieza race character, but that’s too late now. So I finish the character creation. I’m about to get into the game. The screen says its connecting to the server. It doesn’t connect to the server. It brings me back to the title page.

This is how I felt at that moment.

So I try again. The game attempts to connect to the server. It goes through a few connecting screens. It says it couldn’t connect. I’m returned to the title screen again.

This is how I felt at that moment.

So I try one last time. I connect to the server. I get to see a cutscene. My character is sneaking up on Vegeta. Vegeta is talking to Bulma. Bulma is complaining about Vegeta not having a job (which I get, but I mean when you’re rich, why should you care about having a job?). The scene starts to shift, but then! I get a pop up on my TV that says that the game couldn’t connect to the server. I am once more returned to the title screen and it’s disappointing and dope music. Dope because the music is simply good. Disappointing because I’m not actually playing the game.

This is how I felt at that moment.

And I understand that the problem with open betas is that developers are never ready for how much their servers can handle. When you make something open, tons of people will rush, trying to play a game they’ve been waiting for. I was just one of the unlucky ones that couldn’t get in. That’s fine…well it’s fine now. I was filled with salt at that moment, though. So what’s my opinion on Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2? I don’t have one. I never got to play.


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