Opinions: World of Final Fantasy Demo

I was surfing through the Playstation Store, and I found out that there was a demo for World of Final Fantasy. I decided, eh I’ll play. I wasn’t really looking forward to this game. I wasn’t really hot on it. I saw trailers for it during E3, and it seemed like it would be okay, but it just didn’t seem like something I’d get into. So I gave this demo a whirl. And my jeez…I’ve been sleeping on this game. This game is dope. This game is fucking flames. I love it. I’m addicted to it. You should all play it (by all…I mean people who like JRPGs—you know who you are).

One of the strikes people have had about this game has been graphics wise. “Oh, I don’t like the chibi characters.” “Oh, this game doesn’t look that good graphically. I mean we’re on the PS4 for blah blah blah’s sake.” Here’s something that people don’t understand. When people think of graphics they think of realistic graphics. Or they think of Bethesda. Or they think of the graphics in a Square Enix game’s cinematic cutscene. But that’s a flaw in our own thinking. I like to judge games by how aesthetically pleasing they are. You can have cartoon-y graphics on current gen consoles. They don’t have to be realistic or super Unreal Engine 4 or Skyrim Remastered graphics. Anyways here’s a still from one of the gameplay scenes.

Mmm… look at that texture.

Now, though it looks cartoon, you can see the texture being placed in each character model, and for each part of that mountain. Though the graphics are cartoon-y stylistically, you can still tell that these aren’t PS3 or PS2 graphics. It’s as if the characters are hi-res figures, rather than animations.

Something else people had concerns about was the battle system. I don’t really like turn based RPGs (says the person who plays Pokemon and Persona), but I really enjoyed the gameplay. The speed of each character/ enemy’s turns are based on the agility stat. HP works the same, and AP is effectively the mana point or ability point bar. If you miss older RPGs, this will be right up your ally. They also have a new battle menu and a classic one for people who like the older Final Fantasy battle menu stylings.

An element added to this game, was stacking. So your two main characters, Reynn and Lann have the ability to go from full sized character models, to chibi sized—this helps with the stacking element. So essentially with stacking, you can have up to three characters stacked up and combine stats to make a better fighter. If you notice from the above picture, there’s our main characters and two other creatures for the both of them battling alongside them. So they combine their stats and abilities to make better fighters. This makes battling all the more customizable. It’s pretty awesome, especially when trying to figure out what creature combinations can make a steady stack, since you have to also account for the stability of your stack. As a customization nut, something with kind of endless options seems fun.


Also in order to help your stack, you need creatures. So how do you get more creatures? You essentially catch them. It’s not clear most of the time what you have to do in order to catch the creatures, but it’s always fun to try and figure it out. Then you catch em and realize you have more of an addiction to catching em all in this game than you do in Pokemon (that might just be me). In the demo, there’s only one creature that I haven’t caught. I’ve even caught the demo’s boss. I found myself playing the demo for more than two hours yesterday. And if you’re worried about the story being ruined, don’t worry. This is essentially a gameplay demo, there’s no story. You just clear a “dungeon”—nothing more, nothing less.

So, would I play this game? Yes. Should you? Yes. Will I buy this game? No…is what I planned on saying as I started this piece. If the demo had me this hooked, I can only imagine how I’d do with the full game. I was going to say that I wouldn’t buy it for the sake of having a social life, but as of fifteen minutes ago, I ordered the game. So for all that enjoy talking to me, I’m sorry. I will be missing. Try out the game for yourselves, and if you like it, buy it. It comes out October 25th.


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