Lol. Why is this here? It's not that nerdy.

Character Diversity

So today I’m gonna talk about Big Hero 6 fan fiction… a line I’ll never actually mean. I’m actually going to talk about diversity, specifically having a diverse cast of characters in works of fiction. I think I wanna talk about it because I spend a lot of time looking at comments. I don’t know why I enjoy reading comments. It’s a wall of vitriol, but I just enjoy staring at chaos. Anyways…quite a few changes have been made for Marvel comics, mainly the point of making new characters who are minorities/ females. There’s been quite a bit of nerd rage about it (well I wouldn’t call it nerd rage because nerd rage is usually  kinda rational and focused on the case of correcting falsehoods no matter how minor, but this is more like people yelling at change).

In a lot of cases of the rage, the nerds label it as pandering to minorities and females, saying, “Don’t just make a character a minority or female just to make them as such.” Which this logic goes a lot with the real life situation of hiring minorities or females for the sake of hiring them (which I won’t really get into that. I mean hire the best fit for the company, but having different perspectives is also beneficial. Ugh. My argument I’m about to make for character casts can also apply to real life). I also see this argument being thrown around when it comes to lgbqt characters. Apparently, to some, those characters are every where and their being part of the lgbqt community isn’t essential to the character. Ragers also call it pandering. I, at one point when I was younger, used to agree with these sentiments, but I see the argument against diversifying characters casts as flawed.

Though a lot of executive moves when it comes to making a diverse cast could be pandering, one shouldn’t dismiss it. Also creators shouldn’t need a reason to make their characters gay or a minority or female. Cause I mean… for what reason are all these white characters white? For what reason are most characters straight? How is their whiteness pivotal to their character? When I make a character a straight white male, am I pandering to white people? In these arguments that attempt to argue against making protagonists minorities (in all accounts) or request reason for making characters that are diverse, I must ask if you, for some reason, believe that straight, white, and male is the default. And if you do believe that, I must ask you (dare I utter these words?) to check your fucking privilege you goddamn dipshit. Just as there is no “standard” English and there is no “standard” audience (yes I still hate workshops), there is no standard (default) identity to make a character. I think that’s it. Yeah.




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