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Opinions: Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep—A fragmentary passage

So I bought Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue (which jeez that title is all over the place) last Wednesday, and one of the reasons I bought it was because of the new content. On the disc there was Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep—A fragmentary passage, and woof that title is long. It’s a bloody mess. I mean…I get the point of each word after Kingdom Hearts, but do we need em all together to make a long title? I…like… come on. Anyways, KH0.2BBSAFP is a sequel to Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, which ruled my life during senior (?) year of high school, a prequel to Kingdom Hearts, technically a sequel to Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance (some of the cutscenes happen after KH3D and segue to the future of the series), and is essentially a demo to Kingdom Hearts III (or as I like to call it: Every thing I’ve ever wanted, for insert religious figure here’s sake when is this game going to come out?).

Not having played new KH content in a while, I decided that I had to play the game, and I’m not going to lie, it was pretty fun. In the game you play as Aqua, the sole keyblade master from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.

You know, these guys: Person You’ll Call Roxas, Emo McDarkness, and Blizzaga (or for the overly invested: Your Waifu)

In the game, you explore through the Dark Realm (no. It’s not the Shadow Realm.) and you watch Aqua kind of suffer a bit as she remembers the friends she’s lost. As she tries to escape, she runs into Mickey, and then you guys get to watch Square Enix roughly attempt to fit the ending of this game into the ending of KH1, and mmm… it’s like trying to fist a putting hole with zero lubricant. It was pretty pretty shoehorned. But other than that shoehorn moment, the game was pretty dope. It was also just a good little peek into how Kingdom Hearts will look on the Unreal 4 Engine.

I MEAN… LOOK AT MY BOI IN THESE GRAPHICS (don’t kill my hype).

If I were to note any other problems with the game though, it’d actually be the combat, and before you call me blasphemous, you should try the combat out. The game unfortunately follows the route of KHBBS and KH3D, in that the combat is a bit floaty. It’s also a bit slow. I’m very quick button action, and the game just didn’t really agree with my style, and I know it seems like I’m blaming the game for what might be my inability to adapt, but I just want KH games to play like Kingdom Hearts II (also known as: Ha. Funny fact, I’ve beaten that game 15 times. I’m not addicted, you are.). If Kingdom Hearts III plays the way KH0.2BBSAFP does, I’ll be disappointed, but let’s not joke around, I’ll play it, because sometimes you need to understand that your life belongs to Square Enix. Anyways, KH0.2BBSAFP was pretty dope, and you should play it. You have to buy Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue in order to do it though, so if that $59.99 price tag seems like too much, wait a little bit for the price to drop. I leave you with the opening to KH0.2BBSAFP. Later days.





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