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Opinions: Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD Remaster

So… I never actually played Kingdom Hearts 3D when it first came out. I didn’t have a Nintendo 3Ds at that moment, and KH3D wasn’t enough for me to buy one (a year later I figured out that Pokemon X and Y was though). So when I bought Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue (aka: No More Excuses Give Me Kingdom Hearts III), I decided to give KH3D a try, but of course I only tried it after going through the new features of KH2.8FCP (Yes. I like to abbreviate. It’s fun.).

The plot of KH3D is weird-ish. It happens after Kingdom Hearts II and leads to Kingdom Hearts III, which while dope in that it leads to the one game I’ve wanted since I was twelve, this game throws a wrench into the plot. I mean… the plot of the Kingdom Hearts series is already complicated enough, to most people (I mean I can give a lecture on this series and seem like I understand it more than my bloody masters program), but KH3D made it more complicated.

Have fun reading that in your spare time. 

There was already the concept of an ethereal heart shaped source of energy which was crafted by hearts being taken out of vessels. There was the idea that when humans (creatures?) lost their hearts their existence would split between a dark entity and an empty husk that continued to go along without emotion. There’s the concept that people fight with large key shaped weapons and that there’s a legendary one that can only be summoned from a heart of pure darkness and pure light. With the idea of pure light and pure darkness there was also the concept of pure nothingness. And there was a boss that fucking cheats and throws you in the air after complimenting your smile and yelling, “We shall go together!” (I believe I’ve dodged that hit once. ONCE.) But then this entry added time travel. Why? We don’t need time travel!

Because time travel makes everything better. Fun fact: I’ve never watched this show. Probably never will. Fight me.

So now that I’ve kind of ridiculed the plot (which overall is generally okay, even though there are times where Sora is dumber than he should, but was a good character arc for Riku) I’ll talk about the newer features of this PS4 plot, and well the most obvious point is that this game is fast. And that’s because it runs in glorious SIXTY FRAMES PER SECOND. As a console peasant it felt good to feel like a part of the console master race, so much so that I joined the circle jerk for five seconds before realizing that I’m, at most times, a rational fucking adult.

For those who don’t understand frames per second, rightly so, zero judgement, no I’m serious and not being sarcastic, this is the difference. It took me a moment to understand too when I was but a fledgling gamer.

But seriously, the 60fps really enhanced the gameplay. Everything was quick, and when I play video games, I like em to be quick. It naturally made the game more enjoyable, because when I watched the gameplay from the original KH3D, it appeared to be sort of floaty. The gameplay also used the deck command, which quite a few people like. For these Kingdom Hearts games, I’m fine with it, but I still miss the good ole shortcut features and combo variety. The use of flow motion helps alleviate that pain, but I just want to do a ground to air combo with quick shifts from block to counterattack. I miss pressing square in my combos. I accidentally pressed square several times still hoping this was still Kingdom Hearts II. But without the forever fanboy in me nagging about non KHII gameplay, the combat was pretty top notch.

Kingdom Hearts III, please bring back reflega.


As for the graphics, you could tell the game was on a lower quality console before hand, but being able to upgrade 3Ds graphics to mid grade PS3 graphics is still impressive. Overall I enjoyed this game. It’s a blast and if you never played Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance because it was on the 3DS, now’s as good a time as ever. Personally I can’t wait for Kingdom Hearts II on PS4 though.

Soon my friend. March 28th to be exact.

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