Opinions: Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

I realize that it’s a smidge too late to talk about my opinions on this game. I mean it’s been out for twenty days and no matter where you go the reviews are like, “Oh my god! This is the greatest game!” or “I would sell my first born child for this game!” or “Link is life!”or “I thought my body was ready! It was not ready for this game!” or the eloquent lines of, ”

I mean… murder yourself after beating this game because you’ll never play anything as good or better than this. This is our peak and all of our lives are sad. (In case you couldn’t tell, this is sarcasm.)

But for those that are late to the game or have been under a rock or have, fortunately, been ignoring super fanboys who can’t stop talking about this game, I should say that this game is good, but it’s not the greatest game you’ll ever touch. I realize that that sounds like heresy, but it’s pretty true.

Now before I go into the flaws of the game, let me say that this won’t be the controversial article where someone goes, “Man this sucks!” and attempts to garner some sort of attention, cause I mean…have you seen this blog? It’s never going to get attention, but also I’m not going to deny this game of its greatness. I’ve spent eighty-five hours playing this game, and besides the first day of mixed pleasure and frustration, it’s been fun. It’s been a lot of fun. It blew my expectations and I never thought I’d have fun goofing around an cheesing the game, but still there’s no such thing as the perfect game. So let’s just go over the flaws. Trust me it’ll be quick.

So one of the problems with this game is that at certain points, woo, does this game lag. There are certain frame rate problems that happen, and sometimes it’ll be in not inconvenient times, but when they frame rate problems hit during combat, it’ll sting. And while I realize that a good number of games will have frame rate issues, but once again I didn’t expect them to be as, at times, bad as they are. Like there’s an amount of fun in trying to aim while the game lags, just a whole ton of fun. Other than that one of my bigger issues with this game is that unfortunately there isn’t that much of a story. And before someone says, “But LoZ is never really known for its story”, I mean…I get that, but at the same time there’s a bit of a flaw with how much story there isn’t. Some might believe that the lack of story is due to the open world aspect, but I don’t want to blame a great new feature. I’ve seen open world games, and even with sidequests or main quests in an open world game, there’s an amount of story that this game doesn’t have.

I mean there was one sidequest where you build a town, and when you’re recruiting people to build this town, there’s this dramatic music that’s being played when they leave their homes to go help build the town, but it felt sitcom-esque. It felt undeserved because I never really felt an attachment to these characters I met for like two seconds. As for the main story, with the exception of one region, it feels as if there isn’t much substance. The main quest goes, “Hey save Zelda, she’s been fighting Ganon for 100 years. Champions. They’re dead. Flashback of champs. Backstory that isn’t fully fleshed out with them. Ancestor/ acquaintance of Champion. Side thing that’ll lead to main quest. Main quest. Friend of Champ helps you in battle and then disappears. Dungeon. Ganon.”

Link and our four champions (from left to right): Fuck You Falco, Macho Man Randy Savage, Lightning Amazon, and You Probably Didn’t Know You’d Love Fish This Much (or Your Fish Waifu). 

Of course there’s more than that, but it never quite feels like that. Even with relevant characters, there never felt to be a bond with them outside of what obsessed Tumblr fans could create. But even with the shallowness of the plot, Zelda is one of the most important characters in the game and you get to see a development in character, albeit through flashbacks, but it’s good to see Zelda as a prominent part of the game.

But other than those flaws, Breath of the Wild, is a great game. It’s an open world game and because of that, there are multiple ways to go about the game and interact with it. You’ll never really find someone who plays the game the same as you, and with every shrine you go through, I don’t know if there’s a correct way. Let’s face it, I cheesed my way through this game, and every time my friends saw me go through a shrine, they kind of went, “I don’t think that’s what they wanted you to do.”, but it didn’t matter because I got through the shrine.

One thing that people might have flaws with is the weapon/ shield durability system. When attacking enemies, your weapon runs at risk of breaking and then you’ll have to switch weapons and stock up on more weapons. Though it’ll inconvenience you at times, it adds to the survival aspect of the movie. Also it balances out the game. You can never have the best weapon and blow through enemies. You have to have shit weapons sometimes and save your good ones. You have to think while you’re fighting and I love that.

I love it when this happens. It’ll always be convenient.

The game’s visually stunning. And you’ll have fun exploring it and I think that’s one of the main reasons the game shines. Despite the flaws I have with it, the experience isn’t the set narrative of the game, it’s the journey. It’s how you go about the game. What do you discover? What neat techniques do you learn?  How much did you climb? How do you go about killing random moblins? Did you interact with the dragons flying around the region? There’s a lot to find and the map is expansive. You can either fight or avoid enemies, there isn’t exp to be gained. This game has various approaches you can take and as you learn more about the game, you start to goof around and cheese it more. So in that regard, I can understand the praise of this game. I get it.

What I’m really trying to say though is, this game is fun. You’ll enjoy this game. Just don’t go into it believing it’s the greatest media project to ever grace man. You’ll find flaws. There’ll be something you don’t like (Ganon’s final fight), but overall you’ll have fun. So go and play it, either on Wii U or the Switch, but play it on the switch. I leave you with the main theme of Breath of the Wild. Later days.



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