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Let’s Talk About It: Anime Spring 2017

So the spring season of anime is upon us, and I decided to do something I don’t really do. I watched a few shows (6 or 7), the first two to three episodes to be exact, and I guess I’ll be talking about how I felt about those shows. Are they trash? Are they fun? Should you watch them? All that jazz and more. It was an at times fun and other times, “Why would I do this?” activity. I chose which series to watch by looking on anichart. I regularly use the sight anytime I want a quick  preview on upcoming anime. My selection process was essentially judging a book by a cover or if the anime was an adaptation of a manga series I’ve read.

WorldEnd:What do you do at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us?


This anime actually caught me off guard because it wasn’t on anichart, I was just randomly on CrunchyRoll’s update page and there it was. I, once again, judged an anime by its cover and decided to watch it.

So this anime has a super long title, and I was wondering why it needs such a long title. It could’ve just been called WorldEnd, but it’s the other parts of the title: Are you busy? Will you save us?, that kind of makes you think, and for a moment you feel as if this show will be kind of deep, but as I read the synopsis and watched the first two episodes, you could feel it plunging into a dark territory. This show is about a guy named Willem, who takes care of some dangerous weapons. The weapons just happen to be a bunch of girls, because of course your biological weapons are a bunch of girls.

The first episode and a half makes you feel as though it’ll be a sweet show and you’ll be happy, but lying underneath is darkness. You see that Willem has some sort of regret from his past, and that even though he’s taking care of a bunch of sweet young innocent girls, they’re still biological weapons and their lives are doomed. For right now there’s still a payoff of sweet moments, but I think I’d compare each episode to a slice of cake guarded by a minotaur. You’ll get your happiness, but you’re going to get beatdown while having it.

Would I recommend this anime? Yeah. If you wanna watch a good anime that has a balance in emotions and is on the more mature side, this is for you.

Akashic Records of (the) Bastard Magical Instructor


So this anime counts for one of my, “I’ve read a bit of the manga, I guess I’ll watch the anime”, choices. This show is an adaptation from a light novel (which as I’ve mentioned, also has a manga adaptation). We are presented with Glenn Radars a third rate wizard with a “mysterious” past who becomes an instructor due to the recommendation of his teacher/ care giver. Glenn doesn’t really want to do the job and essentially makes all of his teaching periods free studies, but one of his students, Sistina, is not okay with this and wants Glenn to be an honest teacher—hilarity ensues. This series uses the standard trope of having a protagonist seem like a pleb, but be way more talented than what he’s known for. Though he’s not all that talented in the school’s mainstream magic, he’s talented in other ways and changes his students’ approaches on magical verse and magic in general (though this only really happens after he’s coerced). The anime also shifts between an anime about a guy teaching magic to a battle anime.

Now if you were to ask, “Yo, is this anime good?” I’d say that it’s pretty okay. It won’t blow your mind, but you’ll be entertained. So far in the first three episodes, there’s a few badass moments, and because I’m further ahead in the manga than where the anime is currently at, I know that there’ll be a ton more badass moments. If you like your battle anime though, this is the place to go. If you want funny moments and an anime that follows tropes, this is the show to watch. So would I recommend it? Yeah, I guess so.

Love Tyrant (Renai Boukun)

Shh. I know this looks weird and confusing, but that’s what anime is: weird and confusing.

This was another read the manga choice. Love Tyrant is about a guy named Aino Seiji who runs into a cupid named Guri. Guri sets him up with a girl named Akane and with herself. Hilarity ensues. I realize that I’m writing hilarity ensues quite a bit and that that can sound sarcastic, but it’s actually a funny series. The character dynamic of our main cast: Seiji, Akane, Guri, and Yuzu is fun. For the moment there isn’t really a story, it’s quite slice of life and the series focuses on making you laugh.

Since, as with Akashic Records of (the) Bastard Magical Instructor, I’m ahead of the anime, I know that plot will be coming up eventually, but right now I enjoy that it’s setting up its characters and trying to set up a more hilarious tone so that there’ll be more of a balance when we get to somber episodes. Is this going to be a favorite anime for you or others? Who really knows? But I’d recommend the series if you want a nice laugh.

Armed Girl’s Machiavellianism (Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism)


When I first looked at the image art for this series, I thought that it would be a fun battle anime. And for the moment it has seemed to make good on that promise, but at the same time it feels a bit problematic, and that’s not even due to the actual show. It’s due to the fans. Armed Girl’s Machiavellianism is an anime adaptation of the manga (which, surprise, I haven’t read before) by the same name. The show focuses on Nomura Fudo, a student transferring into a school after being expelled for fighting. He fought against forty people and won. As he gets to school, he finds out that the school is controlled by female students and that they’re trying to reform the delinquents who end up at the school. For the male delinquents, their reformation essentially means being forced to live as women (wear make up, have more feminine hair style), otherwise they can’t go to school or will be beaten by the ruling forces of the school till they conform.

Fudo wants to be free though, so he rebels against the top five students and starts to fight them. Now the problem I have with the fans is because of how much they complain about the circumstance of this anime. I’ve seen far too many comments whining that people would riot if the anime’s story was flipped around because then women would be on the abused side. Other fans are calling it hypocritical, to which I say that I’m sorry those fans have unfortunate fragile egos. The only reason fans are making these comments are because the ruling force in the anime’s school is women. If we were to gender swap the situation we’d still be rooting for our main protagonist. Maybe if neckbearded fedoras spurned by their unfortunate “disadvantage” of being male had just seen women as people there wouldn’t be this weird weird nagging about the series.

Though on the other hand, I do have a bit of gripes about the show. Though the females of the anime are perceived as strong, this anime relies a bit too much on “classic” kind of dumb tropes about women that make them seem more irrational that what’s warranted. And to me that’s quite unfortunate. But if you want a show that has good action scenes, go for it. Just don’t think too much about it and you’ll be happy.



EroManga-Sensei is an anime adaptation of a light novel by the same name. It’s about a guy Izumi Masamune, a fifteen year old high schooler who is a light novel author. He loves his step-sister and she hasn’t come out of her room since their parents died. While that’s one of the plot points, another is that Masamune wants to figure out who the artist for his light novels is. The artist is shrouded in mystery and dubbed EroManga-Sensei. It wouldn’t take a genius to guess it, but yes EroManga-Sensei is his step-sister.

As I watched the first two episodes of this series, I slowly figured that this show runs in the style of many other kinda creepy siscon slice of life rom-coms. It’ll be hilarious to some people and it’ll have light drama. Would I continue to watch this show? Maybe for a few more episodes and then I’d quit as I do for most shows in this genre. Now would I recommend this show? Maybe. I mean if you enjoyed OreImo or any of the other oddly siscon/ brocon anime out there, you’re getting a similar premise. So if you like those shows go for it. If you’re going to cringe at fifteen year old’s love for his younger step-sister, don’t. For the love of god, don’t.

Dragon Ball Super


Look…I realize that DBS is not a spring 2017 anime (well it didn’t debut spring 2017), but I mean…this current arc is going to be the bees knees. We’re getting side characters back in action and the way that combat will happen won’t be based on power levels. So far, the episodes from this arc, when re-introducing our side characters’ relevance, has shown that strategy and different styles outside of straight up force are going to be important for this Universal Survival Tournament, and that’s pretty awesome.

Also, my boi’s on the come up.

Look at him, being all powerful and relevant. I need this in my life.

If you didn’t like Super beforehand, this arc might change your mind, and hopefully it will. I love it so far, and if you’re a DBZ fan there’s a good chance, after you wipe that oddly underserving elitist attitude off your eyes, you’ll like the series. Give it a go.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation


So while I knew that the anime for Boruto was coming, I was kind of surprised at how quickly we were getting an anime because the manga just finished covering the movie, so there’s only been a chapter of new content, but the anime is actually starting before the movie starts—to which many an anime fan moaned and groaned, as they are wont to do. I like the point that they’re starting before Boruto: Naruto the Movie, because it allows you to get more development for the cast of characters.

From watching the episode you’ll see that while Boruto and his father Naruto (from the series no one has heard of, Naruto) are similar in appearance and, at times, personality, Boruto is quite a different character. There’s a complexity to him that I like. It’s actually refreshing to watch these episodes and see Boruto interact with other characters and environments. Also even more interesting is that they reveal in the first episode that Boruto has a mysterious eye technique going on when they haven’t really done that at all in the manga (so to me it seems like the anime and manga might be going into separate paths or that the anime is a revision of the manga).

So far I’ve absolutely loved this series even though we’re only three episodes in and I know there’ll come a day when terrible filler arcs will happen, but right now it’s great. So would I recommend this piece? That depends. Do you like anime about ninja? If yes, go for it. Do you like shounen anime? If yes, go for it. Did you like Naruto? Go for it. But if you’re one of those fans who doesn’t want to watch the show because, just with DBZ fans, you have this oddly underserving elitist attitude, deeming Naruto one of the greatest anime ever and you fear that Boruto will tarnish your “holy grail” of anime, I say crank that smugness to a lower level and give it a try. It won’t kill you.

Quick Hits

For the perverted: Sin Nanatsu no Taizai

For shounen fans: Boku no Hero Academia Season 2

For mainstream fans: Attack on Titan Season 2

For comedy fans: Uchoten Kazoku Season 2

For romance fans: Tsuki ga Kirei 

For fans who want some sweetness: Alice to Zouroku 

Have a happy Anime Spring 2017. Watch some anime. Renew your love for it. Or start it. Whichever. I’ll leave you with the opening to an anime you should all watch regardless of the anime season. Later days.


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