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Opinions: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

It was Saturday and apparently quite a few friends wanted to come watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Due to unfortunate miscommunications and late actions for acquiring tickets, a could’ve been six person group turned into a pair of two friends of the same name. Though our brethren were lost, I tried to make the best of the situation. I came into this movie with an angle already in mind. I was going to say that this movie was good, but not as good as the first one. And I don’t know if that’s true because really I forgot how Vol. 1 went. Your highlights were Drax and Groot, the movie ended in a dance battle, and everyone acted like they loved 80’s music after watching it (I write this while listening to 60s-80s music). Vol. 1 was also hilarious, but that’s really all I remember, but this movie felt quite different not in that there were tone shifts or a weird change in genre, but you could feel the improvements that might’ve been happening for the film/ franchise.

Vol. 2 tells you the general tone it’s trying to dole out straight out the gate with its opening sequence. You know that you’re in this movie for a good time, and if you don’t laugh at it, why are you watching this movie (why do you watch anything at all you humorless creature)? Though sometimes the movie does try to force its humor. It kind of reminded me of Deadpool in that that movie also kind of takes the joke throw approach. It just slings humor at you until something hits and when it hits it’s gold, but sometimes the misfires kinda make you realize they’re forcing some jokes. But the accuracy for this movie is pretty good, so you won’t feel the forced humor that much.

Vol. 2 also shows that it cares about its characters and their interactions and that’s not to say that the first movie didn’t, it did, but Vol. 2 amps that up. There’s way more interactions between characters and it feels natural. You’ll sometimes get weird character combos, but it a) makes sense given the plot direction and b) makes for interesting interactions and shows you a different side to quite fleshed out characters. Coming into the movie theater, I didn’t think certain characters would get the spotlight they did, and that really enhanced what the movie could do plot wise and make the movie more fun. And though I praise the movie for its use of characters, sometimes in order to bring emotional weight to characters that didn’t get spotlight in the previous movie, they’ll go into expository monologues, “This is my motivation” type stuff. And though that’s well and good, sometimes I’d wish (kill me please because I’m about to sound like I’m in a writing workshop) that there’d be a scene showing their motivation rather than our characters shouting it at the screen. And I wouldn’t even call use of expository speech a flaw, because that’s just a burden that sequels have to carry. Viewers aren’t going to remember all the motivations and details of characters from the previous film, so there has to be a way to catch viewers up on what they might’ve forgotten and bring new motivations and details to a sequel (might I say that a perfect example of this is Shrek 2—no…I’m not joking).

As for the plot of the movie, it’s pretty good! I mean it has multiple plot threads in an overarching narrative and that’s quite a bit for a movie to handle. I would say that sometimes because there’s a need to balance out all of the plotlines, there’s some issues. Certain plots don’t get enough time to develop and I feel as though there wasn’t enough focus on the central plot thread, because it felt rushed, but I understand. Some might say, and I joked, that this movie at times suffers from Spiderman 3 syndrome (trying to do too much in one film), but I think that’s an inappropriate criticism of this movie. Though there were balance issues for the plot of this movie, the characters were fleshed out. There was heart in every aspect of this movie. And there was just an extra umph this movie has that Spiderman 3 or Amazing Spiderman 2 (yes, I do watch a lot of Spiderman movies) didn’t have. Also it didn’t have an emo Peter Parker (did you think I wasn’t going to beat a dead horse?). One last note is that this movie might make you cry or get you to the edge of crying, so just be prepared for that.

So if I were to rate this movie I’d give it a fleck out of shmeckle because ratings don’t really matter and I’m not that type of website. It’s a hilarious Marvel movie, Marvel being the word of emphasis, so you know you’re getting at least a decent movie. I leave you with a video of emo Peter Parker. Later days.


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