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Stupid Opinions: Top Persona 5 Non-Party Member Confidants

In order to stop myself from completing a New Game Plus of Persona 5 (edit: Since starting this article, I’ve already completed the New Game Plus of Persona 5, because apparently it’s the only reason I still live and breath. Nothing else is worth it anymore and now I’m just a hollow shell of a person.), because I should stop the addiction and be a regular human being, I’ve decided to make a top ten list of my favorite confidants. I think I’m writing this also because I’ve seen a few videos for most valuable confidants and then AV Club also did their own ranked list which you can find here, and I want to assume it was all in jest, but I… disagreed with, though I did find the humor in it. There was also a Kotaku ranked list you can find here, but let’s just say that my only reaction to that, outside of the first few top choices, was, miss me with that shit. So I’ll give my opinion even though let’s face it, it’ll probably be just as shit in other people’s opinions, but it feels as though other lists didn’t go through the struggle of fully developing each confidant’s social link. Or they’re simply getting at these characters on a surface level. I’ll actually have two lists, one for non-party member confidants and one for party members.

Top Seven Non-Party Member Confidants

7.) Shinya Oda


Though at first, Shinya is quite the brat, he’s more than that. He’s a kid with an immature perspective on life that one must win by any means necessary, and that if you don’t win, you’re worthless. It’s a perspective many people have, actually (I’m talking real life in this regard, not in the game). And slowly through your character’s time bonding with Shinya at the arcade and taking him out for food, he starts to mature and changes his perspective. He becomes a little brother character if you so choose to actually develop your social link with him, and all he wants to do is be like the Phantom Thieves. When I reached level ten with him, I actually said, “My boy’s grown up.” Also the gun skills he gives you are dope and there’ll be times you actually need them. Doubling your ammo, being able to knockdown enemies with a special gun technique, and starting a battle guns blazing are all helpful abilities.

6) Yuuki Mishima


It doesn’t take that long when playing Persona 5 to tell that Atlus made this character as a joke. He’s literally used as a joke, a punching bag for conversations. Sometimes, and by that I mean quite a few times, you’ll interact with Mishima and there isn’t a nice dialogue option. He’s a character who takes his dedication to the Phantom Thieves and morphs it into his own desire to be famous and liked. And though that’s a scummy attribute of his character, you can’t help but sympathize because the game never really let’s up on its chances to insult him. But also for his character arc, he matures without any actual Mementos interference. You go there and speak with his Shadow, but you don’t fight it, he just learns to reconcile with his issues and compared to many of the fucked up Shadows you find in the Mementos, that’s pretty admirable.

Then there’s his perks. Having bench members get 100% exp along with your main party is pretty awesome, and kind of necessary for when you actually need the party members you rarely use.

5) Toranosuke Yoshida


“Please find what it is that you aspire to do. And I will support you. Because that is what I aspire to do.”
Those are a few of the last lines Toranosuke says in his rank 10 event, and when I finished all of my confidant stuff with him I said, “Thank you Japanese Bernie Sanders.” This confidant starts as a man who was falsely accused of political scandal and hated by the Shibuya community, and turns into a confidant speaker beloved by the community. But overall he’s simply an elderly politician whose policies resonate with the youth (a la, Japanese Bernie Sanders). A lot of your time with him is spent talking or listening to him converse with other politicians, and on other lists he’s ranked low because of that, but there’s character in each conversation as he’s just trying to bring about a platform of hope. And he’s trying to figure out the best way to go about it. He figures that going it alone and not letting his convictions be corrupted is the best route, and for that he’s a wonderful confidant. I never really used his confidant perks, but his narrative arc alone was worth watching my character hang out with an elderly man in the evening.

4) Hifumi Togo


Hifumi starts out as a famed shogi player who you find at a church. As you decide to learn shogi under her, you realize that she has chuuni tendencies (don’t know what chuuni means? Google it.), and for me that was adorable. You slowly find out that she, as with quite a few other non-adult confidants, has a troubling relationship with her mother. Hifumi wants to love shogi while her mother wishes for her to expand beyond that and go into modeling and super fame. Her character arc in which she tries to figure out if she loves shogi reminds me of myself wrestling with my love (passion? lack of passion? insert existential crisis here) of writing. I’d like to say it resonated with me, but also I mean she has chuuni tendencies and that gets to me on an I-was-once-in-high-school level.

I mean… just let her and the Togo Kingdom be happy.

Also her confidant perks are dope. You can escape from battle without waiting at all and you can have your party members switch out in the middle of battle. Even if you don’t like anything I just mentioned, because only certain people will actually like Hifumi, she still has wonderful bonuses that makes bonding with her worth it.

3) Tae Takemi


So one of the earlier confidants you gain access to is Tae or as I call her, Goth Doctor. You go to her because you want medicine (hp recovery items) and end up becoming her guinea pig. At first she seems like a shady back alley doctor, but eventually you realize that she’s a good doctor that was framed. Her personality at first may seem kind of mean spirited, but you find out she’s quite nice, just very frank. She has a sort of dramatic medical oriented character story and there’s a good chance you’ll be invested in it.

She also give you access to SP recovery accessories and woo will you need them. Reminder kids: Don’t run out of SP at any point in any palace, you’ll only have a bad time.

2) Sadayo Kawakami


I believe I would have enjoyed high school way more if I had Kawakami as a teacher, not because you can romance her, but because approachable teachers are great teachers. Well she starts out as a person that kind of sees any hassle in teaching as a drag and something that isn’t worth it that much. Let’s just say that she’s been burned before. She becomes your confidant after you find out that she acts as a maid in the evening. As you continue hanging out with her (and paying 5,000 yen for most of the hangouts), you find out that she’s been blackmailed and that she works as a maid to pay that off. But at the end of it all, she becomes a better teacher and dedicates her time to trying to be a good teacher. She morphs into your ally who truly believes in you and isn’t that what you want in a teacher?

Her perks are dope too, mainly because her Rank 10 perk allows you to do things in the evening after going to the Metaverse in the afternoon (you wouldn’t be able to do so otherwise). And for people who were hot for teacher or are currently hot for teacher, as I mentioned before, you can romance her.

1) Sojiro Sakura


At first when I was making this list, it was going to be a top 6 with Tae and Kawakami at the one and two spots, but as I was looking at the list I realized I forgot someone really important, Grumpy Fake Dad. Woo the character arc of Sojiro is… it’s…jeez. He goes from an old man who doesn’t really like you and constantly threatens to kick you out, because I mean…you’re an acquaintance’s acquaintance’s kid on probation for assault (though you were falsely charged), but slowly begins to trust you. He grows closer to you. He has you help out at the cafe. He teaches you how to make coffee. He becomes family and gives you life advice. When he finds out you’re a Phantom Thief, he’s becomes fine with it and supports you. He’s the best Grumpy Fake Dad you’ll ever get, but just know that in your process of maxing him out, it will take a while. There’ll be a lot of cafe working and coffee making to get him to Rank 10, learn to enjoy it. Besides the main cast, Sojiro is one of the main reasons the ending of Persona games gets to me (well at least 4&5), why do you have to go back to your original home? Aren’t you more happy with your friends and new family (though I guess that’s more of the narrative’s fault for not establishing your characters relationship with his hometown and family).

Also his perks give you the ability to make coffee and coffee recovers your SP and as I said earlier, don’t ever run out of SP.

Anyways that’s my list for non-party member confidants. There’s a good chance you won’t like some of the choices, but oh well. I’ll eventually make a list for party member confidants, which’ll feature b e s t  g i r l, but for now I’ll leave you with a random Persona 5 shitpost. Later days.


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