Let’s Talk About It: Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

After going on a semi-bender with friends the night before, I set my alarm to 9:45 am because it was announced that a Pokemon direct would be happening. I went to sleep, dreaming of the possibilities. There’d be a Pokemon mainline game on the Switch. It would be a Gen 4 remake (Gen 4 is my favorite gen. It is the best gen.). I’d be able to go back to Route 202 and catch a Shinx and I’d beat all of the old Gen 4 Gym Leaders. I’d be happy playing through the wonderful after game and clock over 200 hours on the game. The future was looking bright. But then I woke up and watched the direct.

And jeez it feels Popplio (bad). Nintendo showed a Switch and baited us, the stream viewing audience, hard. With the hope that a mainline game was coming to the Switch, I was disappointed to learn that we were getting Pokken Tournament DX on the Switch instead. And while that’s good and well, it’s just…ugh. I hope the best for the game, but no one really cared for it in the first place and that’s unfortunate.

Then they showed new mainline games…for the 3DS, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. And don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad, but it’s just that as Nintendo is moving on with a new console that works as a home console and a portable console, one would hope that Nintendo/Gamefreak would utilize this and make a move to give fans a game on this hybrid console. Like the hope is that the next generation should be for the Switch, but I think I (and other people) got our hopes up for a full blown transition way too early into the console’s life cycle. At the same time, I just don’t care as much about the 3DS anymore, and these new games would probably force me to get a New 3DS (I have one of the old models and it can’t really even handle regular Pokemon Sun). I think my last complaint is just that we played in the Alola region last year, and it might be too soon to make a return to a game region that people were hyped for and then stopped caring for in a matter of months. I mean… when Pokemon Sun and Moon were announced I was quite excited for the games (even through certain disappointments such as the small number of new Pokemon and the starter evolutions i.e. Incineroar), but as I kept playing I slowly stopped caring for the game. After finishing the game (maybe two days after I got it), I found it to be stale and didn’t really touch it until recently, and it still feels kind of stale. Also…I just want Luxray to get some love. All in all I just really like the Sinnoh region. If Black and White were up for a remake and it didn’t happen, I would not care.

Now that I’ve moved past my disappointment about this morning’s Pokemon Direct, the next thing is to look at what we’ve got and find the goodness in it, I guess. Complaining does nothing and the internet finds disappointment in Pokemon as blasphemy, so here’s the good parts about the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon reveal. From the fifteen second trailer we received, you can tell that the game is more colorful. There’s new additions to the game and extra cutscenes/ Z-Moves. At the end you see our legendaries, Solgaleo and Lunala, and they’re obviously fused with another legendary, Necrozma. So obviously Necrozma has something to do with this game’s plot and previous questions we’ve had about the Pokemon will be answered. If you look at the base character model for the protagonist, you get a Black 2 White 2 feel to him, seeing that he’s wearing swim gear under his board shorts. It’s good to know that there’ll be other clothing options in this game.

A good number of people on the internet are split between thinking that Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will be either a sequel or a Crystal/Emerald/Platinum for the games. Though at certain points it feels like a sequel, though that may be due to rumors that were spread around before the Nintendo Direct, the key words said in the direct is that this will be an, “alternative story” for Sun and Moon. Now what does that mean? Maybe we’ll finally explore and not merely hint at parallel timelines. Or maybe it’s just an alternate story and fans will be left to theorize about it, just as with all the other games. Maybe we’ll be getting some more news soon. Either way it doesn’t matter because whether you were a fan who wanted a Sinnoh remake, Pokemon Stars, or simply a mainline game on the Switch, you’ll still be buying this game on November 17th 2017. And also look at NecroSolgaleo, dude’s looking clean. Later days.



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