Let’s Talk About It: Hopes for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

I’ve been playing Pokémon Sun again, and as I wait twenty hours in order to do an island scan so I can eventually catch a Swinub (edit: Since starting this blog, I’ve now caught aforementioned Swinub and evolved it to a Mamoswine), I’ve been starting to think about how the games could improve with Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, because while I was hype for the original Sun and Moon in November, that hype essentially died out due to a few various things (I didn’t really like the selection of pokémon in the games, the post game could have been better and I stopped playing the first time because of it, the removal of certain features from previous generations). I’m not saying that the games were bad, they weren’t, but generations six and seven have kind of been lacking for me (and no it’s not that I’m losing interest in Pokémon, I still play emulators of older generations). Most lists regarding hopes for new installments are usually Top Tens, but as you know, this isn’t a regular website and I’m not great at following trends. So here we go.


1. Either fix or get rid of the Festival Plaza

“Fun”. Lies.

So in Generation 6, in order to trade pokémon and generally interact with other players we used the PSS menu on the bottom screen of our 3DS. It was a wonderful system where you didn’t have to travel through a festival or talk to Sophocles or answer questions in order to start interaction with other players. You clicked on a player’s avatar, asked if they wanted to trade or battle, and proceeded to do so. There wasn’t bull crap that was being sold off as fun when it was in fact quite annoying. Though Game Freak is always trying to improve certain methods or innovate old features, the implementation of the festival plaza felt like a step in the wrong direction. As much as they wanted people to have fun in this, essentially, online setting/lounge a lot of people preferred not having to kind of jump through hoops in an artificial setting non-important to the game in order to interact with friends and strangers alike. So hopefully they try to reinvent the festival plaza into a non annoying feature or revert to the PSS (though I highly doubt the latter will happen).

2) Reintroduce Super Training


Also in Gen 6 was the wonderful feature of Super Training, where you’d play mini games with your pokémon in order to raise their EVs. Which, jeez, that was a great feature and a much quicker way of EV training rather than pulling out your calc, finding a nesting place for Goldeen and Seaking, and having your Luxray grind through them. In Gen 7…that feature was no longer there. Instead we were given the Isle Evelup from Poké Pelago which, while a pretty dope feature, unfortunately meant that you’d have to catch more pokémon in order to upgrade the Pelago so that you’d have Isle Evelup and though I realize that the whole point of Pokémon is to catch them all, I just don’t care for catching a whole bunch of mons. I just figure out what team I want and go through the game with those specific mons (it usually has Luxray or Jolteon in it). The other way is Festival Plaza… and you know how I feel about that feature. So I wish Game Freak would bring back super training, because despite the flaws of super training (it’s kind of tedious depending, but not really, I don’t really have any flaws to think of), it was a wonderful way of allowing trainers to EV train their story mons without worrying about muddling up stats due to later battles.

3) Modify Island Scan? Or maybe get rid of it?


Now if you thought my other points in this article have been whiny, this is going to be a bit more whiny. If you remember the first paragraph of the article (which if you can’t, jeez, I’m sorry for boring you) I mentioned that I was waiting twenty hours in order to do an Island Scan to catch a Swinub. And though I’ve now succeeded at this by waiting ten hours and using the special QR codes, I feel as though it’s worth noting how unnecessarily long and time wasting the Island Scan method is. I understand that Game Freak wanted to utilize the ability of the 3DS’ camera and the wonder of QR codes, but I don’t feel as though it should take twenty hours in order to get your full array of scans. Though it’s useful for catching mons regularly unaccessible in the game, one shouldn’t have to plan out their weeks in order to get mons they want (and yes I have changed the date on my 3DS in order to counter act that, but that just resets the charge of my scans). One way to fix this would essentially be shortening the span for a full charge. Another would be by decreasing the amount of points you need to initiate an Island Scan. My last suggestion, and the one that will not happen, is to just let go of the Island Scan feature and allow the player to catch mons regularly without the use of gimmicky (that’s a strong word) features.

4) Allow my high level pokés to run away

I never want to see this mon. It is actually useless to me.

This doesn’t need much explanation. If I have a level 44 poké and I’m encountering a level 32 mon, I better be able to run away. I don’t want that “Unable to run away” prompt. Let me go. You have no reason to force me to battle this piece of crap Fearow. And I realize that this is might be a means of immersion, but at the same time other JRPGs (yes Pokémon is a JRPG) have methods where if you’re high leveled in a low level area there’s more ease for escape and not dealing with the bull crap of low level scum you don’t want to catch. I mean who do I have to bribe in order to get a Touryou?

5) More Trainers or Trainer Rematches


The reason why I enjoyed Gen 4 so much (and also Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire) was because you could have rematches with trainers. Though Gen 7 had fun trainers, I wish that we could re-battle them because it would help with grinding or when you start up a new team. Also while I understand that Gen 7 replaced gyms with trials and totem mons, after a while I started missing gyms. And I’m not saying that we should revert back to only gyms, rather I’m hoping that we can have trials and battle trainers on the way to the trials, but for the Kahunas I hope there’s a gym so that there can be more trainers to battle. I also hope that Victory Road gets trainers.

6) Be Persona 5 


This is actually more for whatever Pokémon Switch game we’re getting. Just be Persona 5. Give me acid jazz. Give me fluid transitions. Give me interactions and meaningful dialogue options. Let me choose a b e s t  g i r l. Amp it up by allowing people to choose a b e s t b o y. Let me rebel. Allow me to look at this game and understanding the meaning of love again.

6) Buff Luxray or give Jolteon a better movepool.


This is also kind of a joke, but seriously. I need this. Luxray can be such a great mon…but its stats and movepool are kind of lackluster and without awesome move tutors and no access to iron tail, it’s kind of useless. Buff its speed and defenses, give it psychic or poison fang. Allow it to learn a fighting move other than superpower. Let it learn iron head and not earthquake, but like stomping tantrum or something. Allow this wonderful mon to get some love. Same for Jolteon, and by that I mean give it a fairy move and boom! it’s great again. I usually use either of these mons in my playthroughs and it would be great if they were gifted with better uses. 

Seriously, here’s 6) After Game


While Gen 7 allowed you to battle Red and Green (Blue for ya non-Japanese or non-manga readers) and those battles were fun, I still wished there was more of a post game than the Battle Tree and the Ultra Beast hunt. Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire gave us Episode Delta, Gen 4 gave us rematches with Gym Leaders and a Battle Frontier and you could rematch your rival. Gen 3 gave us a Battle Frontier. Gen 2 gave us Kanto, but for some reason Gen 6 (X&Y) and Gen 7 have been lacking when it comes to post game, so I hope that we get something a bit substantial because I want a reason to keep leveling up my mons and I want a reason to continue playing the games.

I believe that this is all for my hopes for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. I leave you with the most emotionally deep song I can leave you with. It weaves a tale of the love between Pikachu and ketchup. Later days.



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