Opinions: Brawlout

I know that I should be doing other things like writing my thesis or writing more pertinent pieces on this site, but I felt the need to write about this game. Did not think I’d write about this game, it’s just that I’m back at my childhood home and I didn’t bring much with me, only the Switch, the Surface Pro, and a book (it’s as if I didn’t want distractions or something, right?). I got bored from thinking of storylines and/or reading, so I downloaded Brawlout in the hopes that it would be something close to Smash Brothers. Let’s just say I’ve been missing Smash 4 for a while.

Please…just make another Smash Bros. 

So I started to play the game and for the most part, it seems pretty interesting. And as I’m writing this opinion piece I start to wonder if it’s unfair that I’m ultimately comparing this game to Smash, but at the same time there are other flaws that I just can’t tolerate. One of the problems with the game is that I don’t really like the designs of most of the characters (exception being The Drifter) and that’s just a petty problem, but I like to start with the superficial and nearly negligible problemos first.


The issue of the game came when I actually started a match. I admire the combo ability of the characters, but at the same time there’s a slow-ness to the fighting action that reminds me of Brawl, but there’s a quickness to certain characters’ motions that makes it feel more like they’re sliding past intentioned movement. The controls when you get combo’d into feels like you can’t quite escape. Also you can’t throw (which lies in what is probably another unfair comparison to Smash).

The worst issue is the buffer lag. There were multiple cases during solo player matches where there’d be a screen buffering lag, problematically transferring the position of the stage and your characters in a jarring way. If the game were more fluid, that wouldn’t be an issue. One of the greatest problems was when my character would go off stage. The screen would freeze and then the character would be further under the stage, giving you not much time to recover. Overall I’d like to say that the game isn’t fluid, and therefore isn’t a great time. Let’s just say I deleted the game. I don’t know if this game plays better on PS4 or Steam, but it’s pretty jarring on the Switch. Anyways, I leave you with the trailer and I hope you guys have a better time with the game if you decide to buy and play it. Later days.


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