Let’s Rant About It: Kingdom Hearts III Leakers

So…I’ve had to get off YouTube (as in no longer watch it/ peruse its site, not as in being a content creator, because I’m not one of those), because my love of Kingdom Hearts has become a double edged sword. Unfortunately due to a broken algorithm, mechanic systems with no sense of consciousness nor human spirit, leaks, likely spread by untrustworthy, greedy “fans” lacking a correct moral compass who obtained illegal copies of KHIII early, have arrived. There are thumbnails all over the place, titles yelling, The End of Kingdom Hearts III (LEAK), and such.

For a while there have been other leaks, ones for the opening of KHIII, menus, non-story cutscenes, the world list. And people came to those leakers’ defense saying, Well the leaks aren’t harmful. They aren’t spoiling anything. And even back then when they weren’t “harmful” I disagreed with that statement. The problem with leakers is that they’re going against the wishes of the creators, the director, the producers, all the effort and hard work of the many people who helped make this game. Besides Disney or Papa Nomura or Tai Yasue, Haley Joel Osment, Yoko Shimomura etc., there’s also the little guys, the freelancers, the smaller names in the credits, we likely don’t read, who also want their game, their heart, sweat, and tears to be properly released and not leaked.

Then beyond the people who helped make the game there’s fans who don’t wish to be spoiled, fans who’ve waited years for this game and simply want to experience the game themselves. While there are fans who claim that the trailers spoiled things, the difference is that the trailers were legally shown, content the creators themselves wished to reveal. They know the story, they know there’s more, they know that anything they show is merely the tip of the iceberg, but using an illegally obtained copy of the game and revealing cutscenes pertaining to sensitive content or content undesired to be released is a smack in the face to everyone.

I understand that there are some “fans” who asked for leaks, but in reference to them, they’re not real fans. Why would you ask for something, knowing its sensitive information for an entire fanbase, and do so in a public forum where others will unwillingly see? It’s inconsiderate. It’s dumb. And by all means it shouldn’t have been done.

And now that we’ve reached this point, let me just say, hey leakers you small dick energy, still sad about getting curved by a girl named Susan in middle school, too much dip on your chip, turkey neck, milk dud head, fucking with people’s feelings headass bitches, stop leaking. Stop. Don’t be scum.

I will leave you all with the two minute Japanese trailer for KHIII. Later days.


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