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Let’s Talk About It: The Internet, People’s Opinions, and Kingdom Hearts III

So I’m in the middle of writing my like first run through impressions on Kingdom Hearts III, and spoilers: I really like the game, and have played nothing but that game (and occasionally Pokemon Showdown when I’m not near a PS4) since getting my hands on it. It might, for me, tie with Kingdom Heart II as my favorite Kingdom Hearts game–and that’s despite its concerning lack of post game content. For some reason I just enjoy taking a few hours a day, learning/ testing out new tech in the game, seeing how I can alter combat, learning how to better utilize magic and airstep etc. It’s the small things that are fun for me (I did this quite a bit with KHII too).

But as a denizen of the internet, I spend a lot of time, which I realize is quite harmful as most sites are cesspools of vitriol, lurking through Twitter and Reddit and binging YouTube. I’ve seen people unjustifiably criticize this beautiful mess, cut it loose from all fans knew. But I’ve also seen objective and fair criticism. Then I’ve seen reasonable praise for this game, yet also tragic maniacal takes of fanaticism with zero self awareness. And though the extremes in opinions for this game are frustrating, the discourse, the comments on each extreme’s takes are boring, because it boils down to people calling criticizers, “edgy folk spooling out unpopular opinions for clout,” and people calling fanatic defenders, “die-hard fans who can’t take criticism.” And those are just tired takes. Sure there are those types of people on the edges of the fandom, people running with the old, “Kingdom Hearts is convoluted and makes no sense/ is poorly written,” meme that continuously gets milked even by mainstream video game journalism (yet give Metal Gear Solid a pass). There’s also the far too in-depth fans who’ve loved this game since they were in elementary school and don’t want their “precious baby” to face even the slightest bit of justifiable constructive criticism. Then there’s the “worst” of the group, people who refuse to play or learn about the Kingdom Hearts “side games” and get stuck in the semantics, unable to understand that despite the lack of consecutive numbers at the end of each title that each game matters, so they spew nonsensical whiny comments of confusion that could’ve been easily understood had they just done some research or played the games. But those are merely a loud minority.

Within the Kingdom Hearts community are quite a few opinionated people with valid criticisms and defenses for the game, all making good points for whichever favor they desire. Essentially, as the community continues with this weird debate where everyone’s arguing kind of the same thing, but expressing it differently, I want to remind you that people’s opinions are just that: opinions. And other people’s opinions shouldn’t change and are in fact incapable of defining, validating, or invalidating your own opinions. And if you’re going to banter, have better takes, and don’t be this guy (no not Shenpai, she’s wonderful. you should subscribe to her on YouTube). I love Kingdom Hearts more than I love all of my friends, but don’t tell people to kill themselves.

Anyways, I’ll leave you guys with a video from Stickman Sham. Later days. And reminder: Don’t be a dick.


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