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Let’s Talk About It: Pokemon Sword and Shield

Last Wednesday Nintendo had a Pokemon direct and revealed GameFreak’s next set of titles for generation 8, Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield. Of course the internet was thrilled, by this, though there were some negative opinions (as the internet is wont to have).

In the reveal trailer, Nintendo displayed the Galar region, which seems as if it’s based off the UK. In my opinion that’s pretty nice, not only because we haven’t had a region based off the U.K., but also because the region lends itself to wonderful memes that I faintly understand due to binging quite a few British/ Scottish shows.

Never stop the memes. I want them a bit more than I want the games themselves.

But outside of the comedic aspect from these games, the trailers themselves, though interesting and new (in an unseen aspect if anything), weren’t what one would call stellar. I love Pokemon and will constantly remind you. I play Showdown like there’s no tomorrow (even though I’m god awful at it) and even bought a $60 game for the series that, honestly, should’ve been $30. The games look fun, as most Pokemon games do, but the graphics aren’t that great. Of course there’s time to polish them up, it’s just that as we finally got a glimpse of a full blown, mainline game from a popular and well-established series on a well-selling console built for making aesthetically pleasing graphics and games, I expected a bit more. Nothing photo-realistic (mainly because I’m not a fan, but also because it’s unnecessary), just something over slightly upscaled 3DS graphics.

The trailer didn’t show anything in regards to story i.e. an evil team, gym leaders, the champion, what the theme of the game is and how it’ll affect and endanger the region/ world, so I have nothing to say about that. What is neat about the region, though, is the amount of outdoor battle arenas there are. I can’t wait to see how those are utilized and if they’re more than a for show element or a one time use feature. I also wonder if there will be a new battle mechanic for the game, and if so, does it have anything to do with the titles Sword and Shield?

As for trailer questions, the last inquiry I had was what this shot of the male protagonist, decked out in a football kit, walking into a football stadium, had to do with anything.

Image result for pokemon sword and shield football jersey

Is this where Victory Road/ the League is? Are battles in the Galar region highlighted and put on the same level as football in the UK? Battle’s coming home, and all that?

Now as for my hopes for the game, I already see that you can customize the outfit for your character, but I wonder if customization for you character i.e. skin tone, hair, eye color etc., will return for gen 8. I just enjoy having a caramel skinned character. And will the mom look like your character?

During the Pokemon Direct, after the announcement trailer, there was a follow up trailer showing off the starters. And for once, for the first time since gen 4, I like all of the starters.

Image result for gen 8 starters

So, for once, I actually have to think about who I’ll choose as my starter. I could choose Sobble who looks as depressed and anxious as I actually am. I could choose Grookey for the culture. Or I could choose Scorbunny because it looks happy and energetic (which I need in my life) and also because, due to the splashes of yellow in its design, it could evolve to be fire/electric. And if that does happen (high case it won’t), it’s an instant cop, and it’ll likely be my favorite electric type (sorry Luxray. GF needs to buff you).

But we’ll likely narrow down my choices, and see if my feelings for the games will change as more trailers and information comes out. Oh. And as for the version I’ll pick up, it’ll be Shield. Yes because of an anime. Anyways, I leave you with the second Detective Pikachu trailer. Later days.


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